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Rural Maine?

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Could electric bikes become a thing in Maine?

Looking at the geography of Maine, it's perhaps inevitable to conclude that this is a rural state, and therefore, unsuitable to anything but a car or truck. I'm here to argue that it's shape more closely resembles a giant suburb - at least in the coastal and central portions. If I'm right, then a suburban approach to transportation could throw up some interesting transport ideas, and in this blog, let's look at electric bikes.

In the populated coastal region, from Kittery to Machias, the maximum distance to a general store or supermarket is around 5-10 miles. It's truly hard to find a place more remote than that. The only way to make these relatively short journey's today is by car.

So, what would it be like to make this journey by Ebike?

Would you get run off the road by a big truck?

How much cheaper would it be?

How much better for the environment?

How much better for your health and well being?

The community?

The local economy?

Stay tuned to this blog as we attempt to answer these questions.

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